We now have 7 bikes to choose from:

BMW F650GS  Twin 798 cc 75HP            $130 per day

BMW F650GS Twin Factory Lowered    $130

​BMW F650GS  Single                                 $130

​BMW F650GS Single Factory Lowered  $130

Yamaha XT250                                       $100 per day

Yamaha TW 200                                     $100 per day

​Honda Shadow 750                               $130


With MBA insurance

​Your Motorcycle policy does not cover rentals. In fact it excludes other recreational vehicles of all types. Therefore it is necessary to obtain protection from a special temporary policy. We found the most experienced company in this field to be MBA Insurance. To obtain a policy you go online on our computer, provide them with your information, pay them directly on line and they confirm your insurance to us via email.  The price for minimum coverage is $15 per day. Additional coverage can also be purchased. It's that simple and you are ready to ride!

Our Services

Little Switzerland Motorcycle Rentals at Skyline Village Inn

​For reservations call Mike Thrift at 828 765 9394

Procedure for Renting

First call Mike at 828 765 9394

Make the reservation for the desired bike.

Come in and complete the necessary form.

Get on line and get the insurance.

Must have: Helmet and other protective gear. (Gloves, jacket and boots. Motorcycle endorsement on driver's license. We have some for rent if needed).

Then you are ready to go!!